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From CNN:

Knit your own royal wedding

Still sad you didn’t get an invite to the wedding of the century? Never fear - now you can recreate all of the magic with the power of your knitting needles.

In her aptly titled new book “Knit Your Own Royal Wedding,” author Fiona Goble provides knitters with patterns to create woolen dolls of the entire royal clan.

In addition to creating dolls of Prince William and his fiancée Kate Middleton, the book includes instructions for dolls of father-of-the-groom Prince Charles and stepmother Camilla, best man Prince Harry (proudly wearing his British Army uniform), and grandparents Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. 

There are even patterns for the Archbishop of Canterbury and for the Royal pet, the Queen’s little Corgi.

The book also comes with a fold-out replica of the Buckingham Palace balcony so that you can proudly display your royal family dolls waving to the public when you are done.

Best of all, you can even knit yourself into the wedding party.

As Goble wrote in the Amazon preview for the book, “And if you want to knit your own guests, we’ve included patterns for a number of extra clothes and accessories which will fit all variations of the female and male dolls…. [W]hat’s to stop you knitting a version of yourself to join the celebration?” 

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